Buzz Lightyear Inspired Mask by Belén te Pinta

    This Buzz Lightyear mask is perfect both for boys and girls. It is great for those kids who don't like to be painted on eyes or full face designs.

    I obviously got inspired by Buzz's main face features and combined the helmet and suit colours to give more life to the painting.

    Let's get started!

    Step 1

    Load Paradise Brush Petal Tip with Superstar Purple and paint the shape of the cloth that covers Buzz's head: A big oval shape on the forehead and two circles for the ears covers.

    Step 2

    Load a Paradise 3/4 Flat Brush with PartyXplosion Aqua Split Cake and paint a long line from side to side of the forehead as the top of the glass cover of the helmet.

    Add with the Silly farm Paint Pal Swirl # 4 two Lime Green teardrops to the sides of the round ear piece to give the hint of the part of the suit where buttons are placed.

    Step 3

    Load a Jest Paint Bolt Liner with Superstar Brown and paint the eyebrows ending in very thin points and a swirl for the dimple of the chin. With the same brush add three irregular lines for the buttons of the suit. Use Grimas Blue, Grimas Green and Grimas Red. On the other side of the face, add a round red circle.

    Step 4

    Load a small sponge with Grimas Pearl Blue and cover with it the blank area above the purple to give the full effect of the helmet. Outline with Jest Paint Bolt Liner the design in Diamond FX Black and give some highlights with Diamond FX White.

    For a final touch you can add some stars using a BAM Stars Stencil.


    Superstar Purple

    PartyXplosion Aqua Split Cake

    Lime Green

    Superstar Brown

    Grimas Blue

    Grimas Green 

    Grimas Red

    Diamond FX White

    Diamond FX Black

    Grimas Pearl Blue

    Kryvaline Small Sponge

    Paradise Brush Petal Tip

    Jest Paint Bolt Liner

    Silly Farm Paint Pal Swirl # 4

    BAM Stars Stencil

    Paradise 3/4 Flat Brush



    Belén Canosa is the owner of Belén te Pinta and has been working as a professional face painter since 2011 when she discovered a passion for painting on a live canvas.

    She loves belly painting and teaching and her works have been featured in several face and body painting magazines like Skin Markz Magazine, Illusion Magazine, Pintamos? and Qmagazine

    You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook:

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