Blobby and Blobby Baby Design by Kellie Burrus

Step 1: Use a lime or neon green and sponge the color on half of the forehead and down around the eye onto the cheek ending at the jaw line.

Step 2: Use a round brush and a dark green paint to loosely sketch where you will have your slime dripping and draw out where Blobby and Blobby baby will be along the jaw line.

Step 3: Use a round brush to add a thin line of the same lime green to the insides of each shape. Blend together with a filbert brush.

Step 4: Use yellow with a round brush to add highlights to Blobby, his Blobby baby, and the dripping slime, and to add small dots (bubbles) inside the Blobbies. Add dark green for the irises of the Blobbies eyes and and go back over yellow highlights with a white to punch up the highlights.

Step 5: Add black as the pupils of the Blobbies eyes and use black on the shadow side of the Blobbies, to outline and shade them. And now you have your Blobby and Blobby baby!


Materials Used:

Loew Cornell Brushes - Round #1, Round #2, Round #4

Paint Pal Flibert Brush

FAB Green Poison

FAB Green Emerald Green 

FAB Bright Yellow

Wolfe Black
    (Editor's note: If Wolfe is unavailable, try one of our other great glycerin-based brands like TAG or Diamond FX!)

Diamond FX White

Wicked Pink Sponge