Product Review: Blending In With Cameleon

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Blending in really stands out!

The art of camouflage has many applications, soldiers will use it to hide from the enemy, burglars wear black to blend into the shadows and the animal kingdom is abundant with critters who have adapted to look like their surroundings. The Chameleon jumps to mind for it’s unique ability to shift the pigment of it’s skin to fit the local landscape which brings us to our topic Cameleon brand face and body paint. At first glance the photo above may appear to be just a beautiful painting, look closer and you will discover the human subjects that makeup the canvas.

The creators Jasmin Walsh and Eugenie Bril set out to create a paint designed by professionals for professionals and the results are astounding! With the help of a team of talented artists Jasmin and Eugenie looked a various aspects, concerns and ideas of face and body painters around the world, all to deliver a product to enhance the artists dreams.


More than just clever marketing Cameleon paints are brilliant, high quality products that deliver a rich full coverage to help turn the canvas of a human body into a work of art. The products are EU and USA compliant to the cosmetic regulations. Artist Alex Hansen won the Title World Champ for his airbrushing skills in 2014 and 2015 accomplished with Cameleon brands.


Cameleon has a variety of ready to go palettes to get you started on your designs quickly or build your own personalized set from the individual cakes. The split cakes are a great way to create amazing designs with one quick stroke of the brush or sponge and take your ideas to a whole new level.


I had the opportunity to share these paints with some of my professional body painting friends and they were thrilled at the results. Impressed with the smooth coverage delivered from Cameleon paints my artist friends always insisted I bring them along when we had our paint jam sessions. The true opacity coupled with the smooth blending capability of Cameleon  allows the artist to masque their human subject into amazing creations.

Unleash the power of your imagination with Cameleon today!


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