Best Bling Jewel Adhesives

Jewel Bling Cluster Adhesives by Stacey PerryWe've all seen them, we all love the beauty they add to our designs. Sparkling Bling has been gaining popularity over the past few years and it's just getting better. Today, we'll discuss the different types of adhesives you can use to apply jewels safely to the skin.

Pros-Aide Original

Pros-Aid Original Adhesive

Topping the list is Pros-Aide. My personal favorite and a favorite of many face painters and special FX artists.

Pros-Aide® "The Original" Adhesive

This adhesive is medical grade, which is great because there's only a very small percentage of people that have any type of allergic reaction to it, unlike latex based adhesives. It's strong enough to hold prosthetic pieces and lasts well under many conditions. It's Non-toxic and water based.

So what's the downside? It takes longer for this adhesive to "dry" than most others.

Pro tip: Apply Pros-aide before you start painting. This will give the glue time to set. You will want it to be a "tacky" consistency. When it turns from white to clear, you're good to go.

Pros-Aide "The Sequel"

Pros Aide The Sequel Adhesive

Next on the list is Pros-aide II

Pros-Aide® "The Sequel" Adhesive

This adhesive is a milder version of the original Pros-aide. It works well, but it's not quite as strong. You will also be paying a little bit more for this option. But in the end, you get a milder version, making it great for sensitive skin and it also dries a little faster than the original.

Glitter Tatto Glue

Glitter Glue

We'll move on now to Glitter Tattoo Glue. Here's a couple of product examples:

Ruby Red Sparklettoo Glue

Glimmer Body Art Glitter Glue

Most of these are all basically Pros-aide (the ones that are white in color). Non-toxic, water based and medical grade adhesives.

Pricing is similar to Pros-aide if you buy in bulk. However, if you are looking to purchase the brand with the easy to use applicator, you'll definitely be paying more.

Spirit Gum

Mehron Spirit Gum

Mehron Spirit Gum Adhesive

Spirit Gum has been used for decades by the film industry to attach prosthetics and other appliances to the skin. It takes a few minutes for the product to set and has the ability to last for several hours.

The downside: This is an alcohol/resin based adhesive, so it does have a stronger scent. It also costs a little more than other adhesives. You'll need to apply this to your jewel and let it sit until the very last minute. The alcohol must evaporate and the product will become tacky when it's ready to be used. It's also flammable, so if you need it in a hurry, you might have problems with faster shipping times.

Eyelash Glue

Last on the list... eyelash glue. The short and sweet of this adhesive:it's easy to find and inexpensive.

The not so sweet: most are latex based, so you're looking at possible allergic reactions. This adhesive also doesn't hold as well as others. So if you have a jewel cluster that's on the heavier side, this probably won't work.

I'll note that no matter which glue you choose, you'll want to have time for each of these adhesives to set and get tacky before you attach the Jewel cluster to the skin.

I like to apply a little Pros-aide to the back of each cluster and then attach it to my display board as shown. This helps a little with keeping your drying time down since you'll only need to apply a thin layer at the time you are ready to use the bling.

 Jewel Bling Cluster Adhesives by Stacey Perry

If at all possible, when using Pros-aide, Pros-aide II and Glitter Tattoo Glue, apply a small amount to the skin as well. This will give you optimal adhesion. You'll also want the skin to be as clean as possible. That can be challenging at times but I have learned to tell a little story with each Gem application.

I simply explain that when it's time to remove the Jewel or if it happens to fall off, don't cry, just save it or give it to mom and then all you have to do is make a wish. This has worked well for little children. There's not usually an issue when applying to adults.

Jewel Cluster Adhesives by Stacey Perry

Now that you've seen all of the pros and cons of each adhesive, it's time for the hard part... choosing your bling! Don't worry though, we've made it easy to find some awesome bling right here at Click here to view availble bling!

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Until next time… Live, Love, Paint!

Stacey Perry, aka Sistahmatic! is the owner of and primary face painter for Peekaboo Faces by Play and Learn With Me located in Lafayette, Louisiana. Stacey also blogs for