Ice Princess Monthly Challenge

The Ice Princess Design Contest showed us dozens of HOT designs in a very COLD theme. A lot of technique has been used to achieve the various designs that our participants wanted to achieve and it is proof that face painters are truly creative and resourceful.

However, one entry caught the eye of our judges and really showed the artist's skills and creativity.

Crystals and Snowflakes


"Kristin's work is absolutely lovely, and it's an extremely unique treatment of the ice princess theme. Generally you see glitter, snow, and icicles for this theme, but it's rare to see crystals in a design, most likely because they're geometric while the face is organic in shape. It's difficult to pull off the look well."

This is what our judge thought when she saw Kristin's entry. Indeed, being able to splendidly achieve the geometric element in the design is difficult. Kristin was able to use the intricacy of the design to match the model's face and the theme. Very well done!

According to Kristin, "The piece was painted as part of my exam for the International Face Painting School by Olga Murasev very recently. I wanted to use one of the most popular otj designs for the winter - the ice princess - and create something more interesting and a bit different that I could use on the job. I looked at a lot of images of ice crystals ice formations and tried to pick out the essentials and adapt it so that it would look pleasing and balanced on a face but without being too difficult to paint. "

About the Artist

Kristin Olsson has been face painting for almost 2 years. She is also a professional graphic designer as well as a professional face painter. 

She has a Facebook page, and an Instagram page, where you can find all her awesome work. 

Here are some of here work : 

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