Basketball Mask by Pam Kinneberg

I have been working on new designs for a college basketball game that I will be painting at. I have seen the football mask that has been done by several painters, and I love it, so I decided to design one for basketball. 


Supplies Needed:

Rainbow Cake (Red, Orange, Yellow)

One Stroke Green and Gold

Wolfe Yellow 

Wolfe Brown

Wolfe Black

Wolfe White

StarBlend Powder Black

BAM Stencil #1218

Sponge for base

Sponge for stencil transfer

Loew-Cornell® Gold Grip #3 Round Brush

Loew-Cornell® Gold Grip #4 Round Brush

3/4” Flat Brush

Smoothie Blender


Step 1

Apply the base. I used a Rainbow Cake with Red, Orange and Yellow on a sponge for my base. Keep the darker color on the outer edge all the way around turning your sponge as you go. Notice the little bumpout by my temples—this is where the brow area will go.

I then, applied a little brown on the edge of the same sponge and used it to darken the inner corners of my eyes and up towards the top of that bumpout. This will give it a little more depth.

Step 2

Using the BAM Stencil #1218 with Wolfe Yellow, I applied the dots in three areas to resemble the texture of a basketball. This stencil works great with this design because you can line up the outer round edge of it with the edge of the design. I used a high density sponge for the stencil work. They are nice a firm and work well for stencils. Be careful that your paint is not too wet on the sponge or it will bleed. Position the stencil so the dots flow in the direction of the curve of a ball.

Step 3

For my line work, I used a #3 Round Brush with Wolfe Black. Start with the lower brow line, then paint the upper brow line. For the upper line, I start on the side of my face and paint towards the curved up tip of the bottom brow line. The two lines should be parallel.

Step 4

Continuing with the line work, paint the “Basketball lines”. Start painting from the outside in towards the top center for the outline on top. Then add the “Basketball” line work in the center of the forehead. A thick to thin line is desirable. The lines should end in a point. They do not connect with the brow lines leaving it open so negative space flows into the design.

Step 5

Continue the black line work on the bottom portion. Do not enclose it at this point. For the small vertical line, make sure you continue it in the same direction of the line in the center of your forehead. I actually take my brush and without touching my skin, draw an imaginary line from the top point down to where I will start to paint that little stroke at the bottom.

Step 6

To close up the gap in the center, paint a series of teardrops with a #4 Round Brush. This will finish off the whole design.

Step 7

Add white highlights to brighten it up.

This next step is optional. I like to give it depth and dimension by adding a little black starblend powder to the following areas. I applied it with a smoothie blender. 

1. Inner Eyes

2. Bottom of the mask 

3. Right above the brows on the outer edge.


Step 8

Optional: If you want to include the colors of your team, use a 1-stoke cake in the colors of your choice. I used a 3/4" flat brush to apply it. This adds a punch of color to the design and gives it a little more School Spirit!

Go Team! 


Pam Kinneberg is the owner and artist for her business, PiKadilly Face Painting located near Fargo, North Dakota. She has won numerous contests and can be found in various magazines including SkinMarkz Magazine, The Colored Palette and SillyFarm Newsletters
Instagram: @pikadillyfacepainting