Art of Face Painting - How to Do Teardrops Video Tutorial by Shelley Wapniak

In this video tutorial, Shelley Wapniak shows us how to face paint tear drops, which are essential to the basics of face painting and any design!

How to Face Paint Teardrops

When you're doing your teardrops, you have many different options. You have your thick to thin, and your thin to thick. Basically it's the same motion every time, it's press and pop. Then you can angle them, have them straight, and make them vastly different.

To balance yourself, put your pinkie down, and using a teardrop brush, press down to create perfect tear drop shapes, which are ideal for flowers. In my opinion, it always looks better when you go thin to thick, so press down lightly, and pop up.

However, you can also use a swirl brush to do thick to thin. You get a longer, swirlier tear drop. You can cluster them together in groups of three or more, or add single teardrops alongside designs.

The most important thing though, is to practice, practice, practice! 


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