Art of Face Painting - How To Do Swirls and Curls Video Tutorial by Shelley Wapniak

Learning how to face paint is not a walk in the park. But, you can learn much quicker if you know the basics. 

Today, learn how to do the basic swirls and curls with Shelley Wapniak.

How to Face Paint Swirls and Curls Tutorial

When you're doing your swirls and curls, you basically follow a simple format: thin to thick to thin, and pop! When you're doing your swirls and curls, you want to make sure that your paint brush is wet and also that you properly load up your brush with paint. You want the paint to be evenly distributed and you don't want it to clump at the tip or the base.

You're going to press down and swiftly move your brush around, and as you get to the tip, yank your brush up so you get a fine, thin tip. To get that doubled overloop, you just loop it over - really simple.

You want a fine, really thin tip at the end. You can also go over your swirls to add even thinner ends. You can also add a few tear drops to your design, to make it pop more. Tear drops usually go very nicely with swirls and curls and make for great fillers.

Products Used In The Video

Diamond FX White Face Paints - White 01
Silly Farm Paint Pal Swirl Brushes - #5 Round Brush (1/8")

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