Art of Face Painting - How to Do Petals and Leaves Video by Shelley Wapniak

The Spring season has bloomed and every one is excited about all the plants, trees, and flowers outside. The same goes with face painting. For sure, flowers are a hit when it comes to face painting design requests! 

So, we bring you a quick tutorial on how to create  petals and leaves! 

I'm Shelley Wapniak and this is Jessica Mellow, and now we're going to introduce how to do some petals, leaves, and different things. Enjoy!

So now we're going to demonstrate petals and leaves. I have my Diamond FX one-stroke cake, and I'm going to place down some hibiscus flower leaves. I like to put the lighter colors on the outside, and the darker colors on the inside because that's how shadows fall on flowers. The darkest shadow will be on the inside, and the brighter edges will be either white or a brighter color.

As it dries, I'm going to load up one of my petal brushes, and I'm going to load it up with a pink color. Press down and pop, going all around. Now we have to move on to our leaves. The shadow will be on the inside, so the tip of the brush, should be darkest. Press down and pop in between the pink petals. Many leaves are shaped differently, you have small ones, bigger ones, etc. You have leaves with a rounded edge, and leave with a serrated edge. Use a fine tip brush and black paint to draw the veins onto the leaves. Finally, use the black paint and thin brush to outline your flowers and leaves.

Use white face paint and a thin brush to add some dots and highlights to your design.

So, there you have it! We hope that this quick tutorial gave you an idea on how to create petals and leaves on your next gig! You can use this tutorial as your reference to create much more beautiful flower designs!

Products Used In The Video

Global Body Art Fun Stroke Split Cake - Amazon (30 gm)
Diamond FX Split Cakes - Small Neon Nights 7 (1.06 oz/30 gm)
Diamond FX Pink Face Paints - Pink 32
Diamond FX White Face Paints - White 01
Diamond FX Black Face Paints - Black 10
Silly Farm Paint Pal Swirl Brushes - #5 Round Brush (1/8")
Mehron Mark Reid Signature #8 Lily Round Brush (1/8")
Royal Soft Grip Glaze Wash SG700 Flat Brush (3/4")

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