Ant-Man Face Paint Design by Kellie Burrus

Step 1: Use a white paint to sketch out your design.

Step 2: Use a silver to fill in the areas of the mask. Be sure to leave spaces above the eyes for the red parts, and leave the eyes and mouth areas open as well.

Step 3: Use a red to fill in the lines above the eyes. Next, using the same red, water the color to lessen the opacity. Take the red wash and go over the eyes to create the illusion of red tinted lenses.

Step 4: Use a soft black to add shading.

Step 5: Use white to add highlights to the forehead area of the mask and other areas that need highlights. Use orange to highlight the red on the forehead of the mask.

Step 6: Use a strong black to go around the eyes to create the frames to the lenses. Use the same black to add line work around the design- then your Ant-man face paint is done!

Materials Used:

FAB Sliver


FAB Orange

Mehron Silver Powder

DFX White

Wolfe Black

Loew-Cornell Round #2, Round #8, Round #10

Paint Pal Big Drop Brush