Addams Family Lurch Face Paint Design by Helene Rantzau

In this video tutorial, Helene Rantzau shows us how to do an Addams Family Lurch face paint design. Follow along with Helene to create your own Addams Family face paint!

"...This towering mute has been shambling around the house forever...He is not a very good butler but a faithful one...One eye is opaque, the scanty hair is damply clinging to his narrow flat head...generally the family regards him as something of a joke..." - Charles Addams


Materials Used:

Superstar Brown
Superstar Grey Green
Superstar Grey
Superstar Black
Superstar White
Diamond FX Black
Diamond FX White


Helene Rantzau is the owner of  Sminkehjørnet- a small facepainting  business in Denmark.
She has graduated with honours from the International Face Painting School and is one of the Top Ten facepainters in the world;
7th place in the World Facepainting Category at the World Bodypainting Festival 2018
You can see more of her work on her Instagram and Facebook pages.