2019 Kraze FX Giveaway Winners: Month 5

Thank you to all that entered the Kraze FX Weekly Giveaway! Every month, we will update you on the weekly winners, and this month, our lucky winners were:


We really hope you enjoy your new Kraze FX palette! In the last few weeks, we've also started to giveaway not ONE palette, but TWO Kraze FX palettes! From now on, the prize will include 1 Kraze FX 6-Color Regular Palette and 1 Kraze FX 6-Color Splash Split Cake Palette

Congratulations again to our winners, and if you haven't yet won, keep trying - a new winner is picked every week!

Unfortunately, we could only get a hold of one of our winners, but we hope they're enjoying their new Kraze FX palette!

Winner: Miranda

Miranda Snyder

1. How long have you been face painting?  

Approx 15 years for various church events. 

2. Do you face paint as a hobby or as a profession?

Both, but I just started my own professional face painting business in the spring of 2018. 

3.What are your favorite themes to face paint?  

Crowns & Superheroes.

3. Do you have a website? Social media sites?  

Instagram: @SimplyUniqueFacePainting 

4. What is your best face painting moment?  

Every time I see a child’s reaction after they see their face painted!  

5.  Do you have pictures of your work you would like to share with us?

Miranda Snyder

I look forward to sending you some pics once I paint something with my new Neon pallet that I won!  

In the meantime, check out some of Miranda's face paint designs in this blog post!


The Kraze FX contest has ended, but check back regularly other giveaways! Thank you again to all who entered the contest!