Tutorial: Persian Princess Face Design


There is no end to the variety of princess designs you can create for parties. A nice quality of this design is that you can determine how much time it will take by the amount of detail you add or leave out. When you’re under time constraints, put in less detail by leaving out white outlines, liquid bling, and the extra gems. If you have more time per guest, you can do the extras and create an intricate design which will bring you more bookings and clients.


Global yellow face paint
Global orange face paint
Global magenta face paint
Black face paint (Diamond FX, Global Strong Black, or Wolfe)
White face paint (Diamond FX or Wolfe)
Liquid bling
Gems/jewels/gem clusters
Cosmetic glitter
3/4-inch or 1-inch flat brush
#1 or #2 round brush
• Skin-safe adhesive


Load your sponge with yellow, orange, and magenta in that order. I used a homemade split cake containing Global yellow, orange, and magenta, but the Global split cake Shanghai is also a good option for this design. This design will work with any split cake, so take into account what colors the guest is wearing and what she may prefer. Keep the darkest color at the hairline and dab your sponge in a circular motion to create the half-circle shape on the forehead. Use the end of the sponge to create five triangular points coming down on the forehead.

If you choose to add glitter, do it while the colors are still slightly damp.


Load your 3/4-inch brush with Global yellow and Global orange. Place brush with yellow near the inner corner of the eye and turn brush to cover eye lid and finish the stroke by sweeping up and away from the eye, twisting brush to a point.

Place a dot of adhesive wherever you plan to add gems and allow it to get tacky before pressing them into place.


Press center gem or gem cluster into place and load your #2 round brush with black to create two layers of petal points as well as the teardrops at the top of the forehead.


Add dots, crosshatching, and small teardrops with your #1 or #2 round brush to add intricacy to the design.


At the corner of the eyes, add eyelashes and swirls. The design would be beautiful just the way it is, but by using the #1 round brush and white, you can increase it’s sense of delicacy. Placing extra gems on the points of the petals will add a higher level of value to the design.


Finally, a thin line of golden liquid bling along the bottom edge will tie it together and add more value.



I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Please remember share your own variations in the comments!

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. Stop by for more of her face painting tutorials. Beth also writes for as the Chicago Face Painting Examiner.