How to Make Your Designs Look More Valuable


When painting at pay per face events, it’s very important to add that extra “wow” factor so that you can charge more and attract more people to your booth. A very quick and simple design is perfect for an hourly event with dozens of children, but sometimes a few extra easy steps are all it takes to make your design look so much more impressive. Here are a few tips on how to make your designs more valuable without sacrificing too much more time or money. I’m going to take you through the steps on how to take your design from “eh” to “wow”!!

Split Cakes

Split cakes make it so easy to combine lots of fun colors without sacrificing any more time. Kids love rainbows, so using the split cakes are a super simple way to get an extra big smile out of your little customers. The parents are sure to be impressed too.



Eyeliner and “lipstick” adds a little extra flare to any design. The eyeliner might not be appropriate for younger children, but it can be a very pretty addition to a design for an older girl. Global magenta is beautiful on the lips for any skin tone and the little girls love it!



Stencils are the perfect way to take your design to the next level. Stencils can help you create textures and shapes that make designs looks so much more professional and valuable. Star stencils are great for rainbow designs, reptile textures are amazing for ninja turtle and dragon designs, and snowflake stencils are awesome for snow queen designs.


Dots and Teardrops

Teardrops and dots are a beautiful way to fill up empty space. Depending on your personal style, you can use dot clusters or lines of dots or a combination of both! Teardrops and lines of dots should point toward a focal point on the face or the design.



Outlining your design can really make it pop! Depending on the design, you can use black or another dark color that contrasts with the design and the skin. Remember to either use the very tip of the brush or use a smaller round brush so that your lines will be thin and smooth.



Glitter, glitter gel, and gems are all sparkly ways to make your design so much more valuable! People love sparkles, and they will pay extra for it. I have heard of face painters charging up to $20 per face at festivals; they are able to charge this much because of the perceived value of bling! Gems, especially bling clusters are a great opportunity to upcharge customers.



Starbursts just make things looks extra sparkly and fun! They especially add flare to butterfly and princess designs.


Using one or more of these tips will make your design look so much more valuable so that you can charge more or attract more people to your pay per face booth.