A Tribute to a Legend: David Bowie


David Bowie was a person who was very influential in this world, and helped a lot of people to find themselves and be okay with whatever weird, quirkiness they found inside, and how to bring it out to the world. Here is a look that he is well known for.


Medium #4 Round Brush
Small Round #1 (1/16″) Brush
Paradise Makeup AQ Brushes – Body Chisel Brush (1 3/16″)

Colors used in this picture:

Black Face Paint
Orange Face Paint
Pink Face Paint
Ben Nye Lumiere Color Palette 12 color


1. Starting with the magenta pressed powder, and the make up brush, add a layer of light powder over the eyes, and on the lips.


2. Next, using the medium round brush and the orange face paint, paint two triangle shapes on the face. I usually like to start with the bigger one, that extends down from the hairline and over one eye. Stop at the brow line, and continue underneath one eye bring it to a point. Then using the point as a starting guide for the next triangle shape. Have the shape go over the nose and to the forehead. Bring it down over the nose and back down to the other cheek.


3. While the paint is still wet, blend in pink with the orange. The color originally used was a very pretty pink hued orange, so I had to mix them a little to get the right color that I was happy with.

4. Next paint a very thin black line over the left side of the design. Then using the blue pressed powder, add a line going next to the black.


Many times when I get a request for this make up, it’s a guy, and usually they are not quite as familiar and fabulous as Mr Bowie was when it comes to wearing make up. Since I am not a make up artist and do not carry the proper tools for doing mascara. I simply tell them to purchase some mascara from the drug store. (Waterproof is good, but they will have to purchase make up remover as well. ) And even some pencil eye liner if they are feeling adventurous.  It’s an extra touch, but not necessary. I offer to help them with this, or they can ask a girlfriend to help as well.


Amy Liza Williams is a face & body artist who resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville NC. She is the owner of Asheville face & body Art, a collective of quality artists who work as a team to provide many artistic and costuming services & smiles.  or