Spring is in The Air - Spring Bird Face Paint Tutorial

It`s time to bring out all the bright colors,spring has come.Nature is waking up and new little creatures are ready to meat the world.


Step 1

I`m doing this design for the first time and i did rough sketch just to have idea of placement and size.Wolf white and round No.0 brush were used for this.


Step 2

Next step is painting branch and nest.For that I used Silly farm`s Arty brush cake-Teddy bear and short 1/2 flat brush.Double load your brush and with thin side just do smal thin lines to create nest,making sure the darker color is closer to little bird.

Step 3

 My color choice for this little birdies is blue and yellow but you can use what ever colors you love,be creative.With round brush No.4 and Tag yellow paint their belly,cheeks and place for eyes,and then take Tag bluebird cake to paint rest of their body.If you use short 1/2 flat brush and double load with blue and white with just pressing thinner side you can get great feather pattern for tail and wings.Global orange and round brush No.2 were used to paint their beak.



Step 4

Let`s make those birds alive! With dfx black and round brushes No.2 and No.0 create cute faces and do linig of the birds.For the nest i used dark brown from teddy bear cake.


Step 5

To fill background I`m using powder pressed paints/StarBlend`s because they blend perfectly and they are softer therefore great for background.To create rays of light use one straight side of stencil and lollipop swab with white starblend,ad som leafs to our spring design an we are almost done.


Step 6

For finishing our Spring is in the air design I just had to ad some flowers,using stencil and global red.Those flowers could go also next to leafs on branches,or you can do double dipped ones.And we are done! I hope you like this one and that you`ll try it.


Product used

Wolf wihte

DFX black

Round brushes No.0,No.2

Flat 1/2 brush

TAG bluebird cake

Silly Farm Arty brush cake Teddy bear

Mehron StarBlend cake makeup

Global palette


Coming from the small but beautiful country of Croatia, I am the owner artist of SlikaLica. I love working with kids and putting smiles on their faces.Painting fast, simple but pretty designs is my favorite thing in Facepainting!