Keep Warm With the Fire Fairy! One Stroke Tutorial


You can never go wrong with faeries, or a queen, or princess, whichever you or your customer prefers!  This is an easy one stroke design that is easy to change to suit your needs.


Medium #4 Round Brush
Small Round #1 (1/16″) Brush
1″ Flat Brush

Colors used in this picture:

Black Face Paint
White Face Paint
TAG 1 Stroke Split Cakes – Flame


1. Starting with the 1 inch brush, and the one stroke split cake, load the brush using just a tiny bit of water. Work the brush back and forth over the cake until it is loaded. You’ll know it’s ready when you feel a resistance from the brush going back and forth over the paint.  If there is still water left, then it will glide right over.

2. Place the tip of the brush where you want to start the design.  Firmly push the brush up, and twist to bring to a point. Repeat on the other side. To create a flame effect, make two different points instead of one.  Make sure the yellow is facing inwards each time.



2. Add more flame shapes all along the forehead, and around the side. Start with the brush placed where you want to start the flame, then push down and over to create the shape you want. Pull the brush to the center of the forehead. To create the horns on the side, start with the brush slightly curved where you want to start the horns, then push over and down. If there are any gaps you can use the side of the brush with the yellow only to fill in.


3. Using a medium round brush, add tear drop shapes over the flames, and framing the eyes.  Add a tear drop crown in the middle of the forehead by adding one tear drop in the middle, then adding in more along the side as you see fit.


4.Using the small round brush, add more detail to the design. Add smaller tear drops to the tear drop crown.  Add swirls along the temple and add outlines to the tear drop shapes.  Outline the top of the crown, and add wispy flame like lines to the design to create fire. Add a few dots and the look is complete. Glitter is a must for this mask!



Easily add glitter by using a spray bottle with water, and spritzing the design lightly at least 12 inches away.  Use a poof-able cosmetic grade  glitter to add evenly all around. Use different colors to really create an effect.

Thank you so much for reading. Let us know how it worked for you!