Your Face or Mine - Fennell/Snazaroo

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Your Face or Mine face painting instruction book is coauthored by Shannon Fennell, an award winning face painter and makeup artist, and Snazaroo, one of the leading face paint providers.

Snazaroo Your Face or Mine includes general face painting information such as Getting Started, Important Safety Information, Hygiene, Supply List, Basic Techniques, Sponge Application, Brush Work and detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create face painting designs: Teddy Bear, Monkey, Leopard Mask, Dog, Cat, Tiger, Leopard, Lion, Wolf, Pirate, Bat, Dinosaur, T-Rex, Butterfly, Rainbow Butterfly, Flower Bandit, Kissing Fish, Tropical Eye, Skull, Witch, and a gallery of Shannon's work.

Your Face or Mine includes over 170 full color photographs and is a pamphlet size, 56 pages, color photo paperback book.