Woochie Everlasting Kiss FX Kits

Woochie Everlasting Kiss FX Kits

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Woochie EZ-FX-Kit Everlasting Kiss realistically and gruesomely transforms the wearer into a vampires meal. The Woochie Everlasting Kiss kit comes with a vampire bite marks latex prosthetic piece, .08 ounce of spirit gum and a blood capsule. These vampire bite marks are very easy to apply and will surely be the hit of any undead party. With proper care, the Everlasting Kiss can be used again and again. Please use with children 8 years and older.

How Do I Apply & Remove the Prosthetic?
Step 1: Wash neck with soap and water.
Step 2: Place the vampire bite marks piece on the neck to determine the best spot for it. You can trim some extra edges for a good fit.
Step 3: Take off the vampire bite marks prosthetic and brush on spirit gum where it will touch the neck.
Step 4: Put on the piece and press it into place.
Step 5: Drip blood as necessary.

To Remove: Use soap and warm water, working your fingers on the skin in a gentle circular motion.

To Use Again: Gently clean and dry the prosthetic and store away from direct sunlight.

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