Snazaroo Jumbo Rainbow Face Paint Palettes (8 Colors)

Snazaroo Jumbo Rainbow Face Paint Palettes (8 Colors)


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Each Snazaroo Jumbo 8 Color Rainbow Face Painting Palette comes with eight 18 ml Snazaroo colors in a sturdy, 6.75 x 12.5 inch plastic tray with a lid. Snazaroo Jumbo Rainbow Palette includes the top 8 most popular Snazaroo paints, which apply smoothly, can be easily blended and will dry in about 30 seconds to a streak-free, durable finish.

Snazaroo Face Paints are hypoallergenic and the world's safest face paints, meeting US FDA, Canadian, and European standards for cosmetic safety and the only face paint with a Child Toy Safety Rating. Snazaroo paint is non-toxic and easy to use face paint that is glycerin-based, fragrance-free and wash off easily. Snazaroo Face Paint gives brightly colored, totally opaque coverage.

Snazaroo 8 Color Rainbow Face Painting Palette includes eight 18 ml colors: white (000), black (111), bright red (0055), orange (553), bright yellow (222), grass green (477), sky blue (355) and bright pink (0058). Refill with Snazaroo 18 ml paints.

How Many Faces Will This Paint?
The 8 color Jumbo Rainbow Palette will easily paint 800 full faces or 20,000 cheek art designs (2 x 2 inches).

Shelf Life: Once opened - 18 months. Stored dry and unopened - No expiry date.

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