Ruby Red Large Flat Sable Brush (1/2")

Ruby Red Large Flat Sable Brush (1/2")

Ruby Red Paints

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Ruby Red Large Flat Sable Face Painting Brush #BRUSFLAT has a tip that is 0.65 inches long, 0.5 inches wide, and serves as a chisel face paint brush for covering larger areas of skin. Ruby Red Sable Brushes have nickel plated ferrules, a white handle with a red tip, and are made from European 100% Kolinsky pure sable. Sable brushes hold more face paint than synthetic brushes so offer a longer continuous brush stroke saving time on reloading face paint. The number of the face painting brush follows this rule: the higher the number, the bigger or wider the face paint brush. The Ruby Red Large Flat Sable Brush is ideal for filling in outlines of face paint designs. Approx. 1/2 inch wide.

All Ruby Red products are made in the USA and vegan, containing no lanolin or other animal derivative.

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