ProAiir Airbrush Compressor Kit


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    ProAiir Mini Compressor is a great starter size airbrush compressor, which is compact enough to fit into your backpack and weights as little as 5.2 lbs. Compressor kit is self contained with a top double action gravity feed airbrush (0.3 mm needle), an airbrush storage pouch, 1/8" hose (6' long) and 1 oz ProAiir Hybrid Black Makeup.

    Airbrush comes with trigger locked, which can be unlocked by loosening the back. Secure your hose on to the compressor and airbrush. Compressor comes with a gauge which will go up to 30 psi and then shut off. Adjust the gauge in the compressor to the right pressure required by the makeup you will be using.

    Pour makeup into the cap. Compressor has an auto shut off feature when the compressor is too hot.

    Watch the video below for a detailed overview of all features: