Mehron Premium Zombie Character Kit


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Mehron Premium Zombie Character Kit contains all the professional makeup needed to dress up as a Zombie, whether it is for Halloween or for a Costume Party. The kit includes face paints, make up, applicators, removers and an easy to follow set of instructions by professional make up artists.

What Does the Mehron Premium Zombie Kit Include?
- Pro Color Ring Bruise Palette
- 3D Gel
- Color Cup
- Colorset Powder
- Non-latex Foam Wedge
- Tooth FX
- Cotton Tip Applicators
- Makeup Remover Cloth
- Powder Puff
- Step-by-Step instructions
How Do I Apply & Remove?
Step 1 - Cleanse the skin. Liquify 3D Gel by warming it in hot water(do not boil). Pour small amounts on the skin carefully. The gel will solidify as it cools.
Continue the process until all desired areas are covered.
Step 2 - Tear holes in the 3D Gel using fingers. Then apply Zombie Flesh over the entire area with a sponge. Color in the open wounds using Bloody Rose from the ProColor Ring.
Step 3 - Apply Spanish Olive from ProColor Ring using another sponge, to add more color to the skin.
Step 4 - Fill in around the eyes and other pitted areas using Burnt Maroon from the ProColor Ring. Use ProColor Ring's Spanish Green or Midnight Sky to color the lips. Keep the skin blotchy.
Step 5 - Do the above steps to hands to complete the "Zombie" look
Step 6 - Dry the teeth. Brush on Tooth FX. Do this as a solid color or as spotty.

Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

To remove Tooth FX: Remove with toothpaste or rubbing alcohol on a swab. May stain fabrics.

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