Mehron Premium Pirate Character Kit

Mehron Premium Pirate Character Kit


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Mehron Premium Pirate Character Kits include everything you need to transform yourself into the ferocious pirate of olden times. In addition to a 3-Color Palette, this kit includes essentials such as setting powder, applicators and removers. Mehron has added further value by including eye patch, bandanna and even an earring. This premium kit helps you create an authentic scary look that is perfect for this halloween season.

What Does the Mehron Premium Pirate Kit Include?
- 3-Color Palette
- Tooth F-X
- Makeup Remover Cloth
- Colorset Setting Powder
- Non-latex Foam Wedge
- Powder Puff
- Head Bandanna
- Eye Patch
- Step-by-Step instructions

How Do I Apply & Remove?
Step 1 - Clean your face and make it dry.
Step 2 - With the sponge applicator, apply black on the temples. Blend towards the hairline.
Step 3 - Blend down to define the cheekbones. Create appearance of sunken in cheeks by bringing the cheekbone line down.
Step 4 - Apply black to the eyelids and the area between the eyes and the eyebrows. Apply black to the sides of the nose to thin the nose, lending it towards the cheeks. Blend the nose area into the area between the eyes and eyebrows. Apply black to the area between the eyebrows, not connecting the eyebrows, with an upward motion. Apply black below the nasal labia fold and blend down.
Step 5 - Apply black just below the lip. Using the other side of the sponge applicator, create white highlights on cheekbones, nasal labia fold, top of the nose, chin and temples.
Step 6 - Color the lips with black and apply black shade under the eyes.
Step 7 - Create some crowsfeet and forehead crease lines. Create the appearance of unclean and unbathed by smudging black makeup on the face with finger tips.
Step 8 - Add a red scar or two using the applicator. Powder the face using the puff, to set the make up and keep it from coming off. Optionally, you can add stitch marks to the scar. You can leave off the stitches for a more realistic effect.
Step 9 - Use a tissue to dry teeth off. Apply the TOOTH FX onto the teeth. Clean it with qtip if it will be used my many people.
Step 10 - Put on the bandana, eye patch and earring and start your halloween fun.

Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

To remove Tooth FX: Remove with toothpaste or rubbing alcohol on a swab. May stain fabrics.

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