Mehron Premium Monster/Frankenstein Character Kit

Mehron Premium Monster/Frankenstein Character Kit


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Mehron Premium Monster/Frankenstein Character Kit is packed with makeup, supplies, applicators and removers, making it easier to transform yourself into the frightening Frankenstein or any intimidating monster of your choice. This kit includes easy to follow instructions from professional artists, there by making this a perfect choice for any occasion ranging from halloween to stage production.

What does the Premium Monster/Frankenstein Kit include?
- 5-Color Makeup Palette
- Colorset Powder
- Modeling Putty/Wax
- Pencil Liner
- Powder Puff
- Non-Latex Triangular Foam Wedge
- Cosmetic Brush
- Step-by-step instructions

How Do I Apply & Remove?
Step 1 - Cleanse and dry the skin.
Step 2 - Soften and warm the wax by rolling it in the hands. Apply the wax to the area of interest and work the edges into the skin.
(Tip: Remove the tackiness by applying a little mineral oil on the fingers and tools. Blot off the extra). Make a cut in the wax using a non-sharp tool and peel back the opening.
Step 3 - Apply the Green or "Monster Gray" foundation over the exposed skin. Lightly press the Colorset Powder into the foundation with the powder puff. Dust off the extra powder.
Step 4 - Use a sponge and apply the white to the boney areas around the face, above the eyes, along the cheekbone and jaw line and on top of the nose.
Blend the edges of white so they fade into the foundation. Lightly powder these area with Colorset Powder.
Step 5 - Apply the black to the eyes with a sponge. Then apply a small amount to the sides of nose, above the chin and to the fold between the nose and mouth. Blend the edges
and powder. Draw the stitches to desired areas using the black pencil.
Step 6 - Apply the red to the open wound in the wax, for additional detail. Optionally apply some green or gray around the white for additional contrast.
Step 7 - Add a scary costume and enjoy.

Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

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