Mehron Henna Ink - Brown (0.5 oz)

Mehron Henna Ink - Brown (0.5 oz)


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Mehron Brown Henna Ink is not real "ink", but rather a cosmetic reproduction of "ink". Mehron Brown Henna Ink is made from high quality ingredients that are perfectly safe to use. It's special formulation makes it water resistant and less prone to rub-off. Also provides excellent coverage.

Normally stays for over a week, but can be removed any time with soap and water. Not recommended for use on children.

Mehron Brown Henna Ink is a perfectly safe alternative to normal "tattoo ink" for creating temporary tattoos for costume parties and celebrations. Also works great for theatrical / stage performances. Mehron Brown Henna Ink can also be used for body Painting and face Painting.

Comes in 0.5 ounce bottle.

To apply:
You can use the traditional applicator that comes with the jar. Another option is to pour small amount of Ink into a small dish and using a thin brush, preferably a nail brush to paint your design. Start with small amounts of Ink and then build up on your design. Intermittently clean your applicator by dipping in rubbing alcohol to prevent build up while painting.

Normally stays on for over a week. Optionally touch up in between to increase this duration.

To remove:
Remove with soap and water.

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