Mehron All Pro Theatrical Kit - Dark Complexion (StarBlend K110-B)

Mehron All Pro Theatrical Kit - Dark Complexion (StarBlend K110-B)


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Mehron's All-Pro StarBlend Theatrical Makeup Kit has everything a makeup artist needs for use on stage or in film, video or photography.

Mehron StarBlend Cake Makeup is highly pigmented pressed powder that can be used wet or dry for creating effective face paint designs. Use StarBlend Powder dry to lay down a translucent base color, or use wet for bold color. StarBlend's unique cake formula provides true colors with effortless application and easy blending for shadows, highlights and special effects while also being non-streaking and perspiration-resistant.

Each All Pro Theatrical Makeup Kit includes: step-by-step instructions, five full size StarBlend Cake bases (Light Khaki, Rich Topaz, Light Cocoa, Sable, Ebony) (7 gm/color), Black and Brown Pencil Liners, Colorset Powder (0.25 oz), 3 E.Y.E Creams (0.3 oz), L.I.P Cream (0.3 oz), Hair White, Stage Blood (0.5 oz), Modeling Putty/Wax (0.5 oz), Crepe Hair, Spirit Gum (0.25 oz), Liquid Latex (1 oz), 2 Cosmetic Brushes, 2 Foam Sponges, 2 Stipple Sponges, Powder Puff, Powder Brush and Makeup Remover (1 oz).

How Many Applications Will This Give?
Each Mehron StarBlend Dark Theatrical Makeup Kit includes enough makeup for 30 - 60 applications.

How Do I Apply & Remove?
Mehron StarBlend can be applied dry with our foam powder applicator or wet with our sponge. Colors can be mix easily on skin or by scraping dust into a separate container and mixing separately. StarBlend cake makeup lasts longer than conventional makeup and can be sealed with a barrier spray to make it sweat resistant.

Remove with soap and water. To remove from fabric: Let the stain dry completely, then brush off; if any color remains use a product such as "Spot Shot" on furniture or carpet and use a pre-soak product on clothing.

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