Loew-Cornell® La Corneille® #10 Double Filbert Brush (5/16")

Loew-Cornell® La Corneille® #10 Double Filbert Brush (5/16")


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Loew-Cornell® La Corneille Double Filbert #10 Brushes are made of fine chisel, springy edges with high absorbency. La Corneille Double Filbert brushes can be used to paint face paint accents such as borders, petals and leaves. Spliced tips are ideal for loading two colors at once. Double filbert brushes also work great for creating stripes, lines and plaids. These long lasting and strong brushes can be easily cleaned and reused multiple times. Loew Cornell brushes are a favorite among face painters and makeup artists. Ideal for beginners or seasoned artists alike. The brush is 5/16 inch wide at the ferrule.

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Caring for Loew Cornell Brushes

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