Kryolan UV Cream Makeup Wheel

Kryolan UV Cream Makeup Wheel


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Note: Kryolan products can be shipped only to addresses in the United States and Canada.

The Kryolan UV Makeup Wheel is ideal for creating exciting designs that are vivid in normal light and really shine under blacklight. The Kryolan Supracolor makeup in the 6-color Kryolan UV Wheel is a cream makeup with outstanding coverage and easy blending for realistic effects.

Kryolan UV Cream Makeup Wheel includes the following colors: UV Pink, UV Green, UV Red, UV Yellow, UV Orange, UV Blue.

Not recommened for children.

How Many Faces Will This Paint?
Each 1 ounce Kryolan UV Cream Makeup Wheel will give 50-200 applications, depending on how much you apply.

Shelf Life: Please look for the expiration date in the open jar symbol printed on the container.

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