GraffitiEyes Booster Pak Stencil Kit - Fashion Patterns


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    GraffitiEyes Booster Pak Stencil Kit - Fashion Patterns contains two stencils, about 2.7 x 5.7" in size, with fashion designs such as zig zags, square flags, hounds-tooth, chevrons etc. Each stencil kit also includes a step by step instruction card to get you started right away. GraffityEyes Booster stencils are specially created to add on themed graffiti features to Ultimate GraffitiEyes stencil designs. Booster Pak stencils can also be used separately for adding cheek art & eyes designs.

    GraffitiEyes Stencils, designed by Lea Selley, are high quality, laser cut, durable stencils ideal for creating beautiful design accents to your face and body art. Different stencil patterns can be mixed and matched for creating a variety of designs to suit your style. GraffitiEyes Stencils are great for use with water based theatrical makeup and liquid airbrush makeup. GraffitiEyes are very easy to use that even a beginner can create amazing looks in minutes. The stencils can also be cleaned with ease. The perfectly shaped graffiti stencils can be used for adding eye designs, face designs or body art. The geometric shapes are perfect for creating face and arm designs.
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