Cameleon Time Tattoo Kit - Virgin White

Cameleon Time Tattoo Kit - Virgin White


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Cameleon Virgin White Time Tattoo Starter Set can be used to create a variety of realistic temporary tattoos easily with an alcohol based ink and a face painting brush. The set comes with 20 ml white ink, 99% cleaning alcohol, setting powder and a kabuki brush. The alcohol based ink makes the tattoo water proof, ensuring that the tattoo stays on for several days. Can be easily removed any time using the alcohol included.

TimeTattoo is non toxic and safe to use on skin. US FDA has approved this product for special FX only, not for cosmetic purposes.

How to Apply?
Step 1: Clean the area to be painted with alcohol
Step 2: Create the tattoo with the ink, using a synthetic brush or airbrush.
Step 3: Apply the setting powder over the finished tattoo. Use the kabuki brush to spread the powder evenly over the tattoo to make sure it reaches everywhere.

How to remove?
Use the alcohol to remove the tattoo anytime.

Watch this video for more info:

How Many Faces Will This Paint?
Cameleon time tattoo kits will give approximately 30-50 applications.

More Information on Cameleon:
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Safety Info

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