Amerikan Body Art Mica Powder - Laguna Highlighter (10 ml)

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Amerikan Body Art Mica Powder - Laguna Highlighter (10 ml)

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Amerikan Body Art Highlighter Powder is a sheer mica makeup which can be  used to add sparkle to your face paint designs. Highlighter Powder are white powders in jar, but after application, they give amazing sparkling effects based on how light hits them and how they are applied - whether directly on skin or over a primer.

Laguna Highlighter has a blue/green shade. Use the rich sparkling highlighter powder for highlighting cheeks, eyes, lips and body. Comes in 10 ml volume in a stackable, double threaded jar, giving you a space saving option of removing the caps and stacking the jars. Smart packaging also includes a twist open jar insert and a lined cap that seals the powder well without any messy leaks.
How Many Applications Does This Give?
Each 10 ml bottle of Amerikan Body Art Sheer Mica Highlighter Powder will give half a dozen of applications, depending on use.

Use highlighter powder directly out of the jar as eye shadow. Apply over a primer for more durable applications. Highlighter powder can be mixed with a mixing liquid to create your own eyeliner. Amerikan Body Art Highlighter can be used as a shimmery base for face painting designs or over your face and body art to add sheen effects or for smoothing out any unevenness.
We're sorry, but Face Paints, Makeup or Makeup Brushes may NOT BE returned due to health reasons.

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