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Superstar Face & Body Paints

Superstar Aqua Face & Body Paints are extremely creamy, heavily pigmented, glycerin-based cake makeup, specially formulated for a range of face and body art. Superstar Face Paints are available in a range of vibrant classic, shimmer or glitter colors, perfect for base work and blending. Superstar paints are comfortable to wear, and flex with movements without cracking or peeling. Safe for use on children.

Superstar Biodegradable Glitter

Superstar Biodegradable Glitter can be used to add sparkly accents to your face and body art. Biodegradable glitter is  100% free of microplastic, and made completely out of plant based ingredients. Glitter is certified biodegradable and is free of gluten, paraben or animal based ingredients.

Face Paint Books Superstar Sponges & Makeup Removers

Superstar offers high density makeup sponges and stipple sponges for face and body art. Superstar's makeup remover will effectively remove all theatrical and grease makeup. Brush Soap can be used for cleaning brushes as well as skin after face painting sessions.

Safety Info

Superstar products are fragrance free and gluten free and are not tested on animals. Superstar's Aqua formula is hypo-allergenic and child friendly. Adult supervision is recommended for children under 6 years.

All cosmetics can, on rare occasions, cause allergic reactions & the product should not be applied in the immediate eye area nor to sensitive or broken skin. Discontinue if rash develops. Avoid contact with fabrics, carpets & upholstery. Remove with soap and water. Some traces of color may remain for a short period after washing.

Please note: The US FDA recommends against using red, yellow, orange or purple facepaints near the eyes and or using blue, green or purple face paints near the lips to avoid possible staining issues.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

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Application & Removal Tips

Face Paints
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How Do I Apply
Recommended: Always start with a clean dry face before face painting.

Step 1: Dampen a brush or sponge with a small amount of water. Rub the wet applicator on top of the face paint until a creamy consistency is created. Do not add water directly to the cake.

Step 2: Apply face paint to the face with the applicator with consistent even strokes.

How Do I Remove
To remove from skin: Wash with soap and water.

Shelf Life:
Use within 12 months of opening.

Bio Glitter
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How Do I Apply
Glitters can be applied over wet face paint designs or directly on skin by using a glitter glue or gel.

Glitter glue like Ben Nye Glitter Glue or VIVID Glitz Glitter Glue can be used to ensure strong adhesion of chunky glitter over skin or over face paint designs.

Apply glitter glue or gel. Tap glitter on to tacky glue base using a brush, silicone applicator or spatula. Spritz a small amount of water on a smoothie blender such as Mehron Paradise Smoothie blender or disposable swabs and then dip it into glitter to take a right amount and dab on.

Dust off any stray glitter with the smoothie blender or brush.

You can also mix glitter with a gel base to create a paint-on glitter gel.

How Do I Remove 

Loosen the application using soap and wash off with water


Learn more about Superstar

Superstar is a leading family based face paint company in Holland, making highly pigmented and creamy face and body paints for artists. With its long standing presence in the face paint industry, starting from 1947, Superstar paints have become widely popular among leading artists.