Royal Face Painting Brushes


Royal Makeup Brushes brushes are known for their sophistication and craftsmanship which are durable for any intensive daily professional use. These handcrafted brushes are available for all application needs like face powder, eyeliner, glitter, face paint etc. The matte handles and solid ferrules are designed to give you precision in makeup application.

Caring For Brushes

When you are finished face painting, rinse your face painting brushes well in warm to hot water until you don't see any face paint. Dry the face painting brushes with a clean paper towel, wiping from the brush handle to the brush head then reshape the brush head with your fingers.

Let the Royal Face Painting Brushes dry completely before you pack them away. When using soap to clean your face painting brushes, use a baby shampoo or gentle soap that is safe on young eyes. When storing your face painting brushes in a kit, store the brushes with bristles up.