Diamond Monster Palette Review

DFX Monster Palette *Hand not included.

DFX Monster Palette
*Hand not included.

The folks at Diamond FX have been slaving away in the laboratory and have unveiled a new creation just in time for Halloween. Okay maybe that’s a little dramatic but we do have an awesome new treat from Diamond, the Monster palette! Supplied with colors like Spirit Blue, Ogre, Puss Yellow, Blood Red, Soot Grey and Black Eye Purple you will unleash your inner mad scientist and create monsters of your own design.

The six color palette comes in a handy plastic case including two brushes, a #3 round and #2 flat which will get you started on some great designs. The colors in this palette are very creepy and live up to their names, I am really am fond of the blood red! The new palette is up to par with everything Diamond has brought us thus far, rich colors, deep pigmentation and great coverage.

IMG_0051 - Copy



I was able to activate the paints with just a little water to start my work,  a hydra sponge and the two brushes included was all I used to make the creature hand in the cover photo and it just took a couple of minutes. Clean up with these colors are also just as easy as the other Diamond cakes, a wet wipe or a little soap and water. So if it’s creepy colors you want, this kit will be a great addition to your face paint kit for the Halloween season.

So don’t just sit there with your mouth agape like a starving zombie…order one today!