Bling It On!

Paradise Brilliant Palette

Paradise Brilliant Palette

Well if you have paid attention to any sort of awards show or have your eye on any of the celebrities we certainly can see “sparkle and glitz” has made an impact on the current fashion trend. We see metallic materials used in fashion gowns, jeweled out watches and cell phone cases, even some celebrities with a mouth full of sparkle. Although this may seem to new to mainstream media, the rest of the world is just finally catching up with face painters. After all, we’ve been putting gems and glitter on our clients for years. With names like shimmer, sparkle, metallicand pearl,all the major brands have you covered with a Bling palette of their own. So no matter what brand of face paint you prefer, there is a palette of fun waiting for you to create some pizzazz.

Using the Palettes and Glitter

Many of these sparkle type palettes can be used without water much like an eye shadow, or if water is needed it won’t be much. The photo at the top of the page is a design using the Paradise Brilliant palette by Mehron, accented with glitter. Very little water was needed to activate the paints resulting in a vibrant blue-green over the eye and a soft shimmer of silver-blue under the eye. The convinience of Mehron GlitterMark Glitter squeeze bottle allows the artist to easily control the flow of the liquid glitter. In the photo example we were able to gradually decrease the size of our gold dots as we moved further back and upwards along the eye giving a sleek dimension to the design. Extra sparkle was added with Amerikan Body Art poofable glitter. Yes I said poofable,just buy some and you will see. This line of glitter has a great little squeeze bottle too, giving you just the right amount of glitter dust over your face paint design. Remember, as with any of the body glitters, have your subject close both of their eyes when applying around the eye, irritation may occur if glitter gets directly in the eye. If this happens, flush the eye with water to remove any debris.


Image above shows the glitter powder and gel used in our design.

IMG_0028 IMG_0031

Jewels and Gems

With the addition of self adhesive or glue on jewels and gems you can really pump up the glam on your already awesome face paint design. Very simple to use, the self adhesive gems really bring in the sparkle that glitter alone won’t produce. Often used in dance recitals, the glue on gems are sometimes a better option as they tend to hold better under the more demanding conditions.


Mehron self adhesive jewels.

This is just the tip of iceberg in the all things shiny category, so have fun and explore your options and you’ll come out a starat your next face painting gig.