How to Face Paint a Sun Goddess

Sun Goddess


  1. Add accessories in similar colors to your face painting for a more dramatic effect.
  2.  Use gems that are a contrasting color to your face painting to make it stand out more. 


Medium #4 Round Brush
Face Gems
Glitter Glue

Colors Used In This Picture:

Diamond FX Essential – White
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Gold
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Yellow
Diamond FX Face Paints – Metallic Cooper



1. Starting with your #4 round brush, and the metallic cooper face paint, paint teardrops surrounding the eyes. Start from the outer corner of each eye, and flick your brush inward towards the nose to create teardrop shape brush stokes. Cover around the eyes to make a mask shape.

2.  Let that dry, then using the same brush, continue to draw additional teardrop shapes on top of the mask using the metallic yellow. Make sure to load your brush heavy with paint to create bold brushstrokes.

3. Next using the white face paint, add additional teardrop shapes to the mask.  Fill in where there might be any gaps between teardrops.

4. Starting right between the eyes, create a crown shape, by adding more teardrops going up and down with the white face paint.

5. Finally, add some glitter glue to the back of the gems you want to use. Let the glue dry for a few seconds before using.  Firmly press the gem into the middle of your crown. Add as many or as little as you would like to create your beautiful sun goddess!