Sugar Skull Design Kits

Sugar Skull Design Kits
FacePaint has put together instructions and kits to help you with your Sugar Skull Makeup. Great kit for your next Day of the Dead celebration, Halloween or costume party. Check out our video on how to create a perfect Sugar Skull:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Cover the face with White Swan using a sponge.
  2. Using a sponge with Raven Black, cover the eye area.
  3. Create a hard outline on the black eye area with #6 round brush and Eggplant.
  4. Paint the skull's teeth using a #1 round brush and Black.
  5. Make the teeth skinnier as you go to the sides.
  6. Draw the jawline and hole using #2 round brush and Raven Black.
  7. Fill spaces on the jawline with Yellow and 1/2 inch filbert brush.
  8. Blend the yellow paint with Red and with the same brush.
  9. Load the #2 round brush with Yellow and outline the teeth.
  10. With the same brush draw additional details on the jaw and teeth area with Wild Violet.
  11. Draw flower petals around the eyes, forehead and chin with Electric Yellow and #6 round brush.
  12. Outline the petals with Atomic Orange and #6 round brush.
  13. With a wide chisel brush blend the orange and yellow paints.
  14. Paint the nose with Raven black using a #6 round brush.
  15. Add some depth on the nose by painting Radioactive Green on top of the black paint.
  16. Use a chisel brush.
  17. Using a #1 round brush loaded with black, outline all the details on the design.
  18. Use a Badass Stencil to add additional details all on top of the white base.
  19. Use a sponge loaded with Aztec Turquoise.
  20. Add creative lines, swirls and curls all over the design using black and #1 round brush.
  21. Add glitter using the back of your brush.
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