Queen of Hearts Design Kits

Queen of Hearts Design Kits
FacePaint has put together instructions and kits to help you with your Queen of Hearts Makeup. Check out our video on how to create a perfect Queen of Hearts:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Create a white hollow heart around the face using #6 round brush and White Swan.
  2. Fill the heart with a mixture of Pearl Frost and White Swan using a sponge.
  3. Outline the edges of the heart with Fuzzy Bear Brown using #6 round brush.
  4. Create a crown using a #6 round brush and Gilded Gold.
  5. Fill the crown with some Imperial Red using a #6 round brush.
  6. Add a shadow on the crown using Eggplant and #6 round brush.
  7. Add shiny details on the crown using #6 round brush and White Swan.
  8. Paint lines and a heart underneath the eyes using #2 round brush and Imperial Red.
  9. Using the same brush add some purple on the red details as a shadow effect.
  10. Create eyeshadows on the sides of the eyelids with a sponge and Catalina Blue.
  11. Mix Catalina Blue and White Swan on a sponge and apply on the middle part of the eyelids.
  12. Create the same linear design as in Step 8 but this time with Raven Black and spades instead of hearts.
  13. Using #2 round brush and Raven Black, create eyeliners.
  14. Using the same brush and paint, create eyebrows.
  15. Mix white and blue on a blender sponge and blend the eyeshadows.
  16. Repeat the previous step with only White Swan.
  17. Outline the crown details with #2 round brush and Raven Black.
  18. Paint the lips with Imperial Red and #6 round brush.
  19. The lips should have a heart shape.
  20. Add more depth on the lips by painting Buttercup Yellow on top of the red lips using a #6 round brush.
  21. Repeat the previous step with the other red-colored details.
  22. Blend the yellow paint on the red details with a wide chisel brush.
  23. Add some dots on the lips with #6 round brush and White Swan.
  24. Create eyelashes using a #2 round brush and Raven Black.
  25. Add blush on the cheeks.
  26. Add some glitter.
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Diamond FX Queen Of Hearts Face Makeup Kit
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