Neon Day Glow Face Paints

Neon Day Glow Face Paints

Day Glow and black light reactive makeup is face/body paint that glows brightly under black light and is brighter than usual in normal light. Not all of these make ups are black light reactive, so ready the description for each one to make sure you are buying what you need. Some apply as one color and glow a different color under black light. It's fun!

Refills are small enough so that you can try out colors with out having to buy too much paint. These refills are also for replenish your palettes. Each brand has its own size and number of applications, but generally these refills have enough paint for 5 or 10 faces and up to 50 cheek designs. Open each brand to read the specifics of size and applications.

Medium Face Paint sizes are good when you need just enough paint for one or two events. Our medium paints come in 30-40 grams (good for 50 - 100 and more applications) to 18 ml (good for 100-500 applications). Each brand has it's own size container and if you open up each brand it will show you the number of applications of the size.

Large Face Paints come in container sizes 2 ounces to 90 grams, enough day glow for 250 full faces to 1,000 small cheek or hand designs. Or if you have a team of people who need to be vibrant and neon like or if you are having a large party with a black light, make sure you have enough day glow colors to cover everyone so they glow in the dark.

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