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Mehron & Paradise

Mehron is one of the leading professional quality makeup and face painting companies in the world, supplying cosmetics to the film, theater and entertainment industries for over a century. We carry a variety of Mehron face and body painting products, including the Paradise Makeup AQ line of products co-developed by world renowned Body Painting Specialist and Makeup Artiste, Genevieve “Jinny” Houle. See more details on Mehron products below. 

Mehron and Paradise Makeup AQ products include:

  • Cake MakeupMehron StarBlend Cake Makeup is highly pigmented pressed powder with a matte finish that can be used wet or dry for creating effective face paint designs as well as a variety of liquid face paints. Paradise Makeup AQ is a moist, semi-soft, glycerin-based cake makeup, featuring vibrant color that dries quickly with minimal rub-off, yet are easy to blend and wash off.
  • Liquid PaintMehron Liquid Face Paint can be applied to skin with a brush or sponge. Liquid paint can be diluted with equal parts of Mehron Mixing Liquid and used with an airbrush machine. Also works great for Special FX, mixed with Liquid Latex or 3D Gel. Mehron Fantasy FX Face Paint is a high quality, intensely pigmented, creamy water-based makeup in squeeze tubes. Fantasy FX tube makeup can be used without water activation. Just squeeze and go! Mehron BLAME (Black Light Activated Makeup Essential) is a cream makeup that looks bright under daylight, but glows intensely under black light. 
  • Liquid Liner - Paradise Detailz is highly concentrated liquid liner makeup with an applicator tip that is perfect for doing accents, intricate designs and outlines. 
  • Special FX - Mehron stage makeup supplies include makeup kits, makeup wheels and tooth paint. 
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