Halloween Makeup Kits

Halloween Makeup Kits
From Blue Men to Elves, here are easy ways to create complex creatures for Halloween or any party. Woochie has wide array of characters from myth and movies. There are kits for the popular Blue Man phenomena. Maybe you have time or space for only an appendage--well there are noses and ears. Use your imagination for the rest of the character. This category is fun.
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Graftobian Bald Cap w/ Makeup
$41.99 $38.95
Mehron Bald Cap
$16.00 $14.75
Woochie Large Witch Noses
$6.00 $4.80
Mehron Premium Witch Character Kit
$16.00 $14.50
Mehron Blue Man Group Makeup Kit
$32.00 $30.50
Woochie Small Witch Noses
Mehron Bald Cap w/ Makeup
$32.00 $30.50
Mehron Premium Werewolf Character Kit
$16.00 $14.50
Woochie EZ FX Kit - Stitches
$10.50 $8.40
Woochie Large Pig Noses
Woochie Burn Scar
Mehron Premium Cat / Animal Character Kit
$16.00 $14.50
Woochie EZ FX Kit - Glass Attack
$10.50 $8.40
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