Graftobian FX Molding Wax and Supplies

Graftobian FX molding wax and supplies work to stimulate different kinds of facial distortions and wounds, particularly for building up unusual effects on the bony areas. Simply apply the molding wax on the distressed regions to create a protective barrier on the skin. Cream based makeup can then be applied over it to blend it with the skin tone. The molding wax can also be used for blocking out the eyebrows as well as for building small appliances on the skin. The wax is available in 1 oz. jars in various colors including bone color, dark blood color, medium brown color, and light flesh color. More company info...


Graftobian Special Effects Wax Sealer $14.26
Graftobian Black Tooth Wax (0.125 oz) $6.66
Graftobian Special Effects Modeling Wax $18.00
Graftobian Castor Seal $4.28