Cat Design Kits

Cat Design Kits
FacePaint has put together instructions and kits to help you with your beautiful cat face Makeup. Check out our video on how to create a perfect cat face for Halloween, stage makeup or costume party:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Place the cat prosthetic on top of where the prosthetic is supposed to be attached.
  2. Contour the edges of the prosthetic with Graftobian Transluscent Powder.
  3. This will serve as an indication to where you should put the adhesive.
  4. Apply Pro Adhesive inside the contoured area.
  5. Place the prosthetic on top of the area with the adhesive.
  6. Using some Bondo and a spatula, smoothen the edges.
  7. Paint the prosthetic with Pax using a sponge.
  8. Using a #6 round brush and some Whites Swan, paint white lines on the eyelids and along the eyecreases.
  9. Blend the white color on the skin with a sponge for a smooth transition.
  10. Brush Graftobian Transluscent powder, over the prosthetic cat nose.
  11. Load your airbrush with White, and brush over the chin, muzzle, forehead and around the eyes.
  12. Mix FX Aire white, yellow and red on the airbrush and brush around the face to create cat-like stripes.
  13. Load your airbrush with Deep Golden Highlight to create another batch of stripes.
  14. Add some black on the Deep Golden Highlight for a darker shade.
  15. Add more drops of black on the Deep Golden Highlight mixture to create an even darker shade.
  16. Using a small chisel brush and Shocking Pink, paint the nose.
  17. Using the same brush, paint the lips with MegaGenta.
  18. With the same brush, paint the lips with Red.
  19. With the same brush, paint Eggplant on the edges of the lower lip for some depth.
  20. Add details on the prosthetic such as whiskers using Fuzzy Bear Brown and #1 round brush.
  21. Paint eyelashes on the eyelid using #1 round brush and Black.
  22. Attach fake eyelashes.
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