Ben Nye Face Paint

Ben Nye Face Paint

Use Ben Nye face paints for high-quality face painting designs. Both beginners and advanced face painting artists appreciate Ben Nye face paints because they are water-based and very easy to apply. Ben Nye face paint comes in liquid and Lumiere varieties. Once applied, Ben Nye face paints don't smudge and are easily removable.

How Many Faces Does This Paint?

  • Ben Nye MagiCake Face Paints: 100-500 applications, depending on the size of palette
  • Ben Nye MagiCake Palettes: Comes in 6 color and 12 color sizes. Each 6 color palette gives 50-250 applications. Each 12 color palette gives 100-500 applications.
  • Ben Nye Magicolor Liquid Face Paint: Comes in a 1 oz (20-70 applications) or 4 oz (80 - 280 applications)

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Types of Face PaintHow Do I Apply & Remove Ben Nye Face Paint?

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