Valentine’s Vase of Hearts Face Paint Design


This is a easy and fun design for Valentine’s day or any day really! Who doesn’t want a vase of heart flowers?


Medium #4 Round Brush
Small Round #1 (1/16″) Brush

paper towels or cloth
water container
(optional) Fine Mist Spray bottle with water
optional) Baby wipes

Colors used in this picture:

Black Face Paint
White Face Paint
Yellow Face Paint
Red Face Paint
Pink Face Paint

1. Starting with the white face paint and the round brush, paint a vase shape any way you want.



2.  Add small red hearts all around the top. Make sure the bottom tips of the heart are pointed toward the vase.



3. Add pink flower in between the red.



4. Add yellow hearts in between the red and pink.



5.  Next using the smaller round brush, outline the vase. Then add stems to each of the hearts. Make sure the stems are all pointing to the vase.



6. Next, outline the hearts.



7. Add white highlights to the design. Add dots too.


This is a great design to add glitter too!

Easily add glitter by using a spray bottle with water, and spritzing the design lightly at least 12 inches away.  Use a poof-able cosmetic grade  glitter to add evenly all around. Use different colors to really create an effect.