Unicorn Butterfly Design Video by Helene Rantzau

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The ever so popular unicorn horns can be used for more than just your regular Unicorn design.

Be creative and have fun with combining the horns with other popular designs like butterflies and flower eye-designs.

This is an adult design and the horn is naturally longer. For a kids design the horn should be half this size.


Continue reading for a step-by-step introduction on how to build your own Unicorn Bling!

How to make your own unicorn horns

Unicorn horns are fun and easy to make by yourself - have you tried yet?


  • silk clay in various colours (all white "traditional" horns are also very beautiful!)
  • 3D fabric glitter glue (I use the brand "Tulip")
  • liquid medicinal bandaid (spray)
  • gems & jewels
  • plastic sheet

Roll the horn from two pieces of silk clay. Remember to let it end in a sharp tip - do not worry that the horn will be too sharp. Silk clay dries into a soft sponge like texture. However it is not advisable to use horns or any other type of bling on small children (under 3 year olds) due to choking hazard.

Press down on the base of the horn and shape an angle - let it dry lying down or the soft clay will begin to bend if you leave it to dry in a standing position. You need the horn to be straight but going out in a 45 degree angle from the base.

You can make as many horns as you like, leave them to dry and keep them stored for later bling building.

When the horns have dried follow these next steps.

Take your plastic sheet and spray the liquid bandaid where you want to build the Unicorn bling. Let it dry. This creates a skin safe barrier underneath the bling and makes removing the glitter glue much easier.

With the 3D fabric glue make a circle the size of the base of the horn. Place the horn on top of this and press down lightly to get rid of airbubbles.

Now it is only a matter of your own styling - simple or extravagant?

With the 3D fabric glue you "draw" the base for all the gems & jewels that you want on your bling design.

Pro Tip

When placing gems etc. unto the fabric glue do so lightly. You do not want the glue to go all flat.

It looks much better with raised edges and gives a better hold to the gems.

Removing the bling from the plastic sheet (once it has dried) is also easier when there is not a thin film of paint that needs to be carefully removed in order to avoid tearing and breaking.

Helene Rantzau is the owner of Sminkehjørnet - a small facepainting  business in Denmark.
She has graduated with honours from the International Face Painting School and is one of the Top Ten facepainters in the world;
7th place in the World Facepainting Category at the World Bodypainting Festival 2018
9th place in the World Facepainting Category at the World Bodypainting Festival 2017
You can see more of her work on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

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