Contest: Neon Designs That Shone Brightest!


Last month, we saw how our face painters’ creativity shone under the blacklight and we sure are impressed with how neon face paints were used to create the most creative and amazing designs!

Now, it’s time to meet our winners!

Voters Pick Winner

Photo - peaceloveandpaint@yahoo_com - 118847603 (2)

Peace, Love and Paint Girl by Natalia Malley

Our Voters’ Pick Winner, Natalia Malley, is a professional face painter for only about two years! Like many professionals, Natalia started face painting as a hobby which turned to a full-time profession after she attended Kapital Kidvention where she found out how amazing face painting could be.

She’s an avid member of our Facebook group, FacePaint Challenge Group, wherein she won some challenges! This affirms that she’s in the right field and she’s good at it!

Here are some of Natalia’s amazing works displayed in her instagram!

natalia natalia2 natalia3

Judge’s Pick Winner

Candle Light by Dubi Preger

Candle Light by Dubi Preger

At first glance, what you will see in Dubi Preger’s Candle Light design are actual lit candles! But that’s the illusion created with the use of various neon colors and great skill in controlling these colors. This is indeed a magnificent artwork!

Dubi Preger is a professional face paint artist since 1999! That explains the skill and the experience poured in the artwork that won the heart of our face paint judge! In 2006, he won as the Israeli Bodypainting champion!

Here are some of his amazing artworks taken from his website!

dubi4 dubi3 dubi3

Again, we would like to thank everyone who joined and participated in our Neon Face Paint Design Contest. You all never cease to surprise us every time we launch a new contest!

Thank you so much and PAINT ON!