The Cure to Painter’s Block


Painter’s block: It happens to the best of us. Sometimes you just can’t think of any new designs. Sometimes that simple butterfly you’ve done a million times just doesn’t come out right. You lose motivation and that makes it even worse. The cure to overcome your funk is quite simple! The cure is to just keep practicing. But how do you muster up the energy to practice when you have no motivation and no creative juice left? Here’s how:

Enter Contests

In my opinion, contests are one of the best ways to get both your motivation and your creative juices going. Usually, the contest hosts give you a theme to paint such as “flowers” or “summer” or “video games character”. Entering contests is super fun, and really pushes you to your creative limits. There are often awesome prizes that will help motivate you even further. Even if you don’t win, I’m sure you will be super proud of your creation. And if you do win, you get to enjoy awesome face painting prizes. The picture at the top of this post is my entry to the Valentine’s contest hosted by I was lucky enough to win, and now I frequently enter all kinds of contests. They are everywhere! You can find them on Facebook groups, Instagram, and of course, right here on Check out one of my previous blogs about tips on how to win face painting contests.

Get Practice Tools

Practice materials are an easy and fun way to practice. You won’t have to convince your kids to let you paint them and you won’t have to struggle with painting yourself. Practice materials make practicing so easy that you’ll definitely have enough motivation to practice your skills. Check out these awesome practice tools. You can also use alternate means of easy practice such as doing simple arm doodles.

Watch Some Videos

I feel the most inspired after I watch tutorials by my favorite facepainters. Watching those videos just makes me want to pick up a brush and start painting and creating my own designs. When you’re facing a bad case of painter’s block, I definitely recommend taking a step back to watch some videos by your favorite painters. You’ll definitely feel inspired and motivated.

Invest In New Materials

There’s nothing like opening a box full of fresh new paints. If you have not bought any new materials in a while, then invest in that new split cake you’ve been wanting. You could also invest in some materials that you’ve never used before, such as bling! Investing in new materials could also increase your value. If you’re a frugal painter, look out for deals and discounts. New materials could be inexpensive and even free! You could use some of your old paints to create a brand new split cake. Whether you invest $100 or $1 on new materials, you’ll definitely be motivated to try out your new tools.