Ten Basic Tiaras


If you're looking to learn how to face paint tiaras, check out this guide on 10 simple tiara face paint designs!


Small split cake of your choice
3/4-inch flat brush or a one-inch flat brush

One-stroke split cakes were one of the best inventions ever created for face painters when it comes to painting effortless tiaras. By using only a one-stroke split cake and one brush, try any of these ten basic tiara shapes as a jumping-off place from which to follow up with details, stencils, glitter, gems, and liquid bling to create a gorgeous, unique masterpiece which is quick as well as beautiful.

1. Basic curve—Start at the hairline and sweep across the forehead in a half circle to the opposite side.


2. Mirroring shallow s-curves—This is similar to the basic curve, but at the center of the forehead, bring it down to a point which ends between the eyebrows.


3. Scallops—To make the scalloped tiara, start in the center and make small u-shaped scallops curving up on the ends toward the hair line.


4. Inverted scallops—Invert the scallops for a design which takes on a medieval flair.


5. Double curve with teardrop—By placing a simple teardrop shape in the center of the basic curve, you add a natural focal point for gems and details.


6. Curve with double teardrop—Create a variation by adding two teardrops, one hanging from the tiara and one arching over the center spot. The hanging teardrop has great potential for use of a small shadow to give it a 3D appearance.


7. Central teardrop with sweeping brush strokes—Although I used the Diamond FX Small Blurred Lines for all of these photos, this design is particularly pretty with the Diamond FX Small Captain Obvious for a Frozen-inspired tiara.


8. Double curve with teardrop in center—Just this tiara alone has many variations within it’s structure. You could scallop each layer, turn your brush so the rainbow works its way out in both directions from the center line, or add tear drop shapes to accent it before continuing with further details.


9. Lotus tiara—I felt this one could have been a bit higher on the forehead, but other than that, this lotus shaped crown is one of my favorites. Create one petal shape in the center, and add petals to either side, all meeting at a central point.


10. Flower petal tiara—Make one flower petal coming down to a point between the eyebrows. Add as many petals as necessary on either side to work your way up toward the hairline in a curve.